BOND_20081006__MG_1979BOND_20081006__MG_1979 Phil Bond is a commercial architectural photographer who calls the San Francisco bay area home.

His passion for photography started at an early age, when his father gave him his first camera – an old Canon Canonet. He quickly discovered that photography had the power to completely satisfy his technical interests as well as his need for artistic expression.

Phil is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy with a degree in computer science. After 9 years as a professional options floor trader he left the financial industry to reconnect with his photographic (and technical) interests by managing the imaging department of a large San Francisco based design and imaging company, where he worked with all manner of printing, scanning and capture technology available.

Phil now shoots for architects, designers, galleries and artists and prints for select clients. He is also on the staff at Mills College where he conducts photographic workshops for graduate and undergraduate students.

When not working Phil travels the world to photograph landscape, culture and the built environment.




BOND_20150822__DSC1660-Edit-2BOND_20150822__DSC1660-Edit-2 BOND_20151128__11A2118BOND_20151128__11A2118 BOND_20151128__11A2099-EditBOND_20151128__11A2099-Edit BOND_20150813__DSC0968-EditBOND_20150813__DSC0968-Edit
_DSC6461-Edit_DSC6461-Edit BOND_20150907__11A0170BOND_20150907__11A0170 _DSC6340_DSC6340Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul, South Korea   _DSC6764_DSC6764Twin Trees, Seoul South Korea. _DSC7580_DSC7580  
_DSC7876_DSC7876 BOND_20150821__MG_4528BOND_20150821__MG_4528 _MG_1872_MG_1872Rocks in stream. BOND_20150817__DSC1213BOND_20150817__DSC1213