The boot and clothing company Ariat International had a corporate Team Building retreat and asked us to coordinate the photographic services.

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The event consisted of an interactive seminar with their employees from all over the world, followed by a cooperative team building exercise that resulted in the construction of nearly forty bicycles that were then donated – in person – to underprivileged children from the community.

In addition, Ariat wanted a Social Media Photo Booth set up for entertainment before the seminar and during the intermission.


We photographed the program, documentary style, capturing both the presentation as well as the group's participation. 

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The team building exercise that followed consisted of the entire assemblage breaking up into groups and following a set of instructions to put together the bicycles.

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None of the participants knew what was to follow – that at the end of the exercise the children were escorted in to receive the bikes that had just been built!

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Presentations by a few company leaders followed to round out the evening.

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Before the event, and during it's intermission, we set up an open air photo booth, with social media tie-ins. This allowed guest to receive a printed photo with the company logo and event graphics.

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